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(I x-posted this a few places, so I apologize for anything that may not directly relate to the topic of the community)

My husband met a guy while working one day, who mentioned he had about 200 cars. A junkyard, though he wouldn't ever call it such. He told us to come on down and have a look. Me, being the car-whore I am, jumped right on that.

We made an hour drive out into a small town called "Bumpass". Yes, that's it's name. I tried to get a picture of the sign as proof, but David wasn't willing to slow down enough for me to snap one. I'm used to such names by now, but many of my e-friends are city folk who think such names are only something you see in movies. Heh, not so!

After turning down countless dirt roads, we finally find the guy's driveway; a half-mile of sand and gully-washes that made me glad we were driving our beater and not something we were very attached to. I winced as we bottomed out about 5 times.

We round the bend and are greeted by a double-wide absolutely surrounded by cars. It took us numerous tries to get through and around all the vehicles so we could reach the front door. The house itself was missing screens and junk was literally falling out of the windows. And there were cats. Many, many cats. David climbed the rickety steps and knocked and Junior opens the door.

He immediately apologizes for the state of the place, telling us he has 6 kids and his wife isn't much into cleaning. "She reckons cleaning is throwing shit in the yard" he says. I reckon she does too after almost tripping over a pile of VHS tapes laying in the grass.

We then proceed to wander his property looking at his most valuable posessions; the cars. He tells us he buys cars and drives them until the inspections run out, then buys more. None of his cars are junk, they're all projects or parts cars. "It ran when I parked it" was heard many, many times.

Now, I realize to most people these look like junk, but the man has a treasure trove of vehicles rotting on his property. He could make a mint selling these on ebay...or to ME. I found myself weak in the knees more than a few times as I happened upon a wonderful project that will no doubt stay just where it's at until it's too far gone to be of any use.

We start with this '71 Olds Cutlass 'vert. She's solid and has been modified a bit, and would make someone a wonderful project. However, stuck deep in the woods, I doubt she'll ever cruise again. A real shame.
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Next is a '77 Firebird Espirit, which I made a beeline for the moment she came into sight. This one would have come home with me that day had he been willing to come up off it. It's not the Trans Am I dream of, but it is a '77 and in easily restorable shape. I lingered a long time with this one.
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(Dave and Junior in the background there)
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Here we have a sweet little LeMans. She was dirty, but complete and running.
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An early 50's Chevy. This one was really too far gone, but Junior told us he couldn't stand the thought of it going to the crusher, so he bought it and is letting it die it's slow death in his woods.
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Onward is a pair of Vista Cruisers. Possibley the coolest station wagons ever made, or at least the last cool ones until the Dodge Magnum came along. These two are being used a storage sheds for car parts.
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Beside the Vista Cruisers was this former beauty, now wrecked and rotting.
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Another one of the many, many early 70's Cutlass Supremes that were scattered around the property. In total, he probably had 10 or so of these. Most were too deeply overtaken by vegetation for me to get pictures of them.
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A '55 Chevy slowly sinking into the dirt. This one was in really rough shape. When I was younger, I would have looked at this car and seen potential. Now, I just see a money pit and realize buying one restored would probably be cheaper than fixing this one. My time with our '56 Caddy has jaded me.
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And last, but not least, was a car that brought tears to my eyes. A '72 Olds 442 'vert. He had a number of 442s on the property, but this was the lone ragtop. She is complete and runs and he bought her brand new in 1972. This is one of THE cars on my list of cars to own, and to see this one is such sad shape with little hope just made me feel ill. I talked him up for a good 30 mins and he wouldn't budge on this one. I can't blame him, being that he's the orginal owner. I just hope he retores her right someday.
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(sorry for my rambling - I'm a rambler)
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Man that 442 needs to be saved!

I have a 70 LeMans Rag top like the 5th picture down. That bumper was PART of one year only. Mid 70 it went to a different bumper that was easier to stamp. The top hoop became part of the nose and the bumper was just the lower section. Didn't happened to notice if the reflectors to either side of the front turn signals on the valance were in any kind of shape did you?

Is that White 65-66 Pontiac just a Tempest or is it a GTO?
I didn't really look at the LeMans that hard, to be honest. His insistance that none were for sale kept me from checking them out too hard.

The 65/66 is a Tempest, I believe. I saw no badging to indicate otherwise, but that really might not mean much either.

I'm planning to go back soon and talk him out of that 'bird. I'll take a peek at the LeMans again if I get a chance.
Wave cash I bet he sells.

I have a yard up from me called "old car city" in White GA. Interesting fellow that owns it. Most of the cars are complete. Most "were running when parked". Haven't got the grand tour of the place yet and I am afraid to take it. They are for sale and he knows what they are worth and I am a weak individual with far to many projects right now (and I might be buying a pair of FJ40's this week....price is too good to pass up).

Most are solid that I can see. Had a real solid 64 Grand Prix that he said he would part with for $1800. Thought about buying it for the wife. I wonder if he still has it and I can talk her into a Poncho instead of the 71 Chevelle she wants. LOL
Oh I hear ya on the "too many projects" part. I have a yard full, fence full and a garage full and still looking for more. I have this list you see, and the cars aren't getting any cheaper, so I might as well get them all as soon as possible. Or at least, that's what I tell my husband. ;-)

Damn, I'd need a bucket for my drool I'm about to let run down my chin from viewing the mother lode.

Is he set on keeping every car? I see the plates are VA, where in VA is this oddly named town in?
He's pretty set on keeping most of them. I'm trying to talk him out of the '77 Firebird, and I think he'll let it go if I offer him the right price. He's deadset on keeping the 442 though. He wouldn't even consider letting it go at all.

I believe, without googling it, Bumpass is in Louisa County. It's about 30 mins out of Richmond, in any case.
very cool, and rambling? we like rambling.